We took our place in Hall B 129 at the İzmir Marble 2022 fair, which will be held between 30 March - 2 April. We are waiting for all our customers.
Crema Nuova Website
You can find crema nuova photos and selections on w w w . c r e m a n u o v a . c o m Available also in Russian: www.cremanuova.com/ru
Rosalia Marble Website
You can find rosalia marble photos and selections on www.rosaliamarble.com
Special finishes for custom orders. Polished, honed, sandblasted, bush hammered, brushed, finishes are available for tiles and also slabs.
Special Finishes
Palissandro Marble
Our new marble, Palissandro, has smooth, colorful lines. Palissandro, which has veins in gray, black and brown tones, will suit your projects very well. Please contact us for details.
Marfil Beige Marble
Marfil beige marble is now available in our stock. Please check our product page: Marfil Beige Marble
Our new catalog is online. You can download it from here: k a r t a l m a r b l e _ c a t a l o g . p d f (2.38MB PDF) Download

Welcome to Kartal Marble

One of the leading marble manufacturers of Turkey

with over 60 years of experience

You can see all our stocks on our sub-domain slabs.kartalmarble.com You can easly access sizes, thicknesses, quantities with photos. Please contact us for more information.
Online Slabs Stocks
You can contact us via whatsapp and instagram applications for video meetings. You can see the materials or select your bundles and cases from video meetings. Please contact us to schedule your online visit.
Our Factory is open for online visitors
Scratching Finish
Every day, we try new surface finishes according to the demands of our customers. It is an ideal solution especially for exterior facades, garden walls or vertical applications. Details are on the product page.
Product Videos
We put some product videos in the products section of our web page. You can go to the page of the product you like and watch the videos.
Rosalia Pink
One of the most beautiful marbles from Bilecik: Rosalia. "Pink" is a rare selection of Rosalia marble. We also included Rosalia Pink marble in our new production. For slab photos and videos, please visit the products section.
“Elements” Page
We make all products related to marbles in the projects we offer. When the range of products we produce increased so much, we decided to open this special section under the "Elements" page. Please do not forget to visit this page.
Rustic Green
Rustic green, one of the most beautiful greens in Turkey, is now in our production line. You can find slabs images on the products page. Rustic Green
Mioni “Duzce” Beige
Mioni “Duzce” beige marble, one of the solid and homogeneous stones of our region, is now in our portfolio. For slabs, tiles and other marble needs: info@kartalmarble.com Mioni Duzce Beige
Our new favorite: Terracotta marble. You can see the unique pattern given by nature. Each slab has its own different pattern. You can contact us for bookmatch slabs.
Special Cuts
We started to make special marble cuts: hexagon and triangle and other special cuts according to your project and drawings. Click for more information : Special Cuts
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