07.01.2022 Hi, First of all, Wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always. Happy New Year! We are entering the year 2022 with new products; Palissandro and Rosalia Pink. You can find detailed images of these products on the products page. Another innovation is the "Finishes" section. In this new section, you can find images and videos about which surfaces we can make on marble and travertine products. Finally, another innovation: our "Elements" page. In this section, you can see the special products we made with marble or travertine. I should also remind you that there are videos in each of these new sections. Regards, Baris Kadiz
22.03.2022 We are online with innovations First of all, we would like to talk about the Izmir fair. Izmir marble fair will take place on 30 March - 2 April at the Izmir Fairground. As "Kartal Marble", we will take our place in Hall B no:129 this year. We are waiting for all our customers and friends. Three new marbles We have three new stones to which we have added to our portfolio: Terracotta, Mioni "Duzce" Beige and Rustic Green. You can see detailed photos of these stones on the product page.
Terracotta Mioni “Duzce” Beige Rustic Green
New Catalog Our new catalog is at your service in two languages, Turkish and English. The links are given below: English catalog : https://kartalmarble.com/kartalmarble_catalog.pdf Turkish Catalog : https://kartalmarble.com/kartalmermer_katalog.pdf About Us Update our about us article. Our new article contains more information about how Kartal Marble was established and its history. Factory Videos Videos added to Factory section. Elements Special cuts and curved radial stone coverings have been added to the "Elements" section.
Curved Radial Stone Coverings Special Cuts
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