HISTORY KKartal Marble, a family-owned enterprise that originated in 1953, has consistently expanded while steadfastly upholding its fundamental principles. With a rich legacy spanning seven decades in marble production, Kartal Marble proudly unites its customers with a wealth of experience. Initiated by our visionary founder, Hasan Hüseyin Kadız (1923-2010), the journey into marble commenced in 1953. Establishing Kartal Marble, he laid the foundation for a legacy that would be passed down to successive generations. The Kadız family has been deeply entrenched in the marble industry since its inception, and today, the reins of our industrial enterprises are skillfully managed by the capable hands of the third generation.
TEAM The Kartal Marble team has successfully passed on its extensive experience in the supply chain, cultivated over years, to the new generations, emerging as a trustworthy solution partner for all collaborators. Collaborating consistently with architects and proficient teams in various projects, the company has consistently prioritized the delivery of high-quality results. Under the guidance of our young and dynamic third-generation managers, the company remains receptive to innovation and actively pursues non-traditional production methods. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continuous self-assessment, always asking, "How can we improve?" as we endeavor to instill our visionary approach in future generations. FACTORY & PRODUTION Over the years, Kartal Marble has solidified its position as a preferred brand in both national and international markets through strategic investments and a steadfast commitment to quality-oriented production. In response to the growing demand, the company augmented its production capacity in 2000 and transitioned its operations from Kartal to state-of-the-art facilities situated on a 20-decare expanse in Bilecik. Presently, our facility boasts cutting-edge machinery, ensuring high production capacity, and has evolved into a world-class establishment through continuous technological investments made over the years. Kartal Marble remains at the forefront of significant projects across various regions in Turkey and around the globe. The company extends its reach by supplying marble to over 50 countries across six continents in global markets, consistently showcasing excellence and effectively representing Turkey on the international stage. FINALLY Kartal Marble has consistently upheld a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that "Every piece of marble we deliver to you is a testament to your future orders." Wishing enduring love for marble, always... Other web pages: slabs.kartalmarble.com www.cremanuova.com www.rosaliamarble.com www.designhamam.com
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