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Company Kartal   Marble   Natural   Stones   is   a   marble   manufacturer   export   and   trading   company,   located   in Bilecik TURKEY, produces marble slabs 2cm, 3cm and cut to sizes 1st quality materials. Turkey   has   a   great   reserve   of   natural   stones   and   KARTAL   MARBLE   NATURAL   STONES   has   a   big   role on introducing Turkish natural stones to the world. We,   Kartal   Marble   Natural   Stones,   are   one   of   the   honorable,reliable   and   oldest   manufacturer   and exporter   company   in   Turkey   with   more   than   60   years   experience.   Our   aim   is   to   serve   best   quality Turkish natural stones to all over the world. We   are   engaged   in   the   difficult   but   gratifying   business   of   collecting   marble   from   nature   and offering it for the service of modern-day life. We   labour   on   natural   stones   with   love   of   stone   to   create   visual   and   permanent   works.   We   do   it   in an unbroken chain of production entirely within our own facilities. With   the   help   of   our   young,   dynamic,   experienced   and   expert   staff,   we   progress   with   strong   and stable steps in sector. Factory Kartal   Marble   factory   has   founded   closed   to   our   quarry   in   Bilecik   in   1998   on   total   20.000m2   area including   4.500m2   closed   production   area   and   a   management   building.      In   production,   using   Italian and Turkish latest technology machines help us produce quality products and service. Products We   have   a   big   range   of   marble   &   natural   stones   products   color   scala.   Please   ask   for   more   colors   so we can go for more. Other web pages: www.hamamdesign.net www.rosaliamarble.com www.designhamam.com
Kartal Marble Natural Stones from Bilecik / ТURKEY